reading :“The Festival of Sacrifice”

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reading :“The Festival of Sacrifice”

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hello lovely girls,
Our lesson is about an event that happen every year in an Islamic country.
Let's read the text to know more about it  study

“The Festival of Sacrifice”

It is an important religious holiday Muslims celebrate worldwide.
Two words bring joy and excitement to kids and adults alike during Eid:
“Eid Mubarak”.
Everybody throughout the Muslim world celebrates Eid al-Adha. On the first
morning of Eid al-Adha, Muslims everywhere around the world attend Eid
prayers and a speech at mosques. After the prayers, people visit families
and friends to exchange greetings on this happy occasion.

Eid al-Adha celebrations start during the Hajj,
the annual pilgrimage to Makkah in Saudi
Arabia by Muslims worldwide.
Each family sacrifices a domestic animal,
such as a sheep, cow, or camel, if they can.
Then, they divide the meat into three parts
and distribute it to others. The family eats
one third, they give another third to other
relatives, friends or neighbours, and the final
third to the poor.
The Feast of the Sacrifice symbolises
obedience to Allah and the distribution of
meat to others is an expression of charity
and generosity.

Now, I will give you an explanation for some difficult words that may you didn’t understand it .
check these links to get the meaning of the words..

Religious :

occasion :

annual :


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